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Our annual in-box event is happening again, the 348 QC Op 2021!

In conjunction with the CrossFit Games Open from March 11 to March 29, the QC Op is back in action! All 348 athletes will be tested with the Open Workouts.

348 Athletes will be split into 2 teams, Team 348 and Team FF and compete in our in-box leaderboard.

Winning team athletes will be rewarded with 3 Fit Stars and prizes! To encourage participants, those who completed all Open Workouts will be rewarded with 5 Fit Stars too and another 2 Fit Stars will be given for those who sign up on https://games.crossfit.com/  

Total 10 Fit Stars is available to be collected from the 348 QC Op 2021. Can you get them all? 

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