WOD From Home during M.C.O post thumbnail

WOD From Home during M.C.O

It’s MCO again?! No more gym or fitness to access for 2 weeks or more……! Worried not, you still can get professional online training with our WOD From Home
Why learning Olympic Lifting post thumbnail

Why learning Olympic Lifting

Top 10 reasons to train the Olympic Lifting 1 TRANSFORM YOUR PHYSIQUE Performing a snatch or a clean and jerk is a full-body, fun, intense exercise working your legs,
Benefits of CrossFit for Teens post thumbnail

Benefits of CrossFit for Teens

10 Reasons Why Teens Should do CrossFit https://www.fitfactory.com.my/wp-content/uploads/2021/04/mei-tong.mp4 1. TO STAY IN SHAPE CrossFit promotes being in shape and being “the Fittest in the World.” (If you go to
348 QC Op 2021 post thumbnail

348 QC Op 2021

Our annual in-box event is happening again, the 348 QC Op 2021! In conjunction with the CrossFit Games Open from March 11 to March 29, the QC Op is
Fat Loss Challenge post thumbnail

Fat Loss Challenge

Too much calories intake during Chinese New Year Festive? Let’s get back to shape by participating our Fat Loss Challenge with InBody 270.    How?  Just sign up InBody
Fit Stars Campaign post thumbnail

Fit Stars Campaign

Introducing Fit Stars Campaign Twinkle twinkle little stars, it’s time to grind for some Fit Stars… In order to reward those hard workers and supporters who have been referring
C.M.C.O Operating Procedure post thumbnail

C.M.C.O Operating Procedure

Fitness center is given a green light to operate during the Conditional Movement Control Order (C.M.C.O) with some S.O.P enforcement. Please make sure you check this post out to


We have been taking serious concern about the cleanliness and hygiene of our training ground all these while. During this global pandemic of Covid-19, we even further enhance our