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Studies show high-intensity interval training(H.I.I.T) has more impact to improve both the aerobic(cardio) and anaerobic(muscle) systems. One of the best H.I.I.T program well-known is the Tabata training program where you push yourself as hard as you can for 20 seconds and rest for 10 seconds and to repeat eight sets as one round of Tabata.



Home Tabata program is conducted online where everyone can join our virtual workout from anywhere. What you need is just your mobile devices or a laptop and connect to our online meeting room. That’s it! Then follow the instruction by our professional coaches and have fun!



The Online Home Tabata program is FREE for everyone! Yes! You head it right! It’s FREE to join for everyone. This is one of our contribution to the public to raise health awareness and to encourage everyone to have a healthy lifestyle. FREE Home Tabata will be conducting from time to time and will be announced in our Facebook/Instagram page. Make sure you follow our pages so that you won’t miss any of it!