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Introducing Fit Stars Campaign

Twinkle twinkle little stars, it’s time to grind for some Fit Stars…

In order to reward those hard workers and supporters who have been referring friends & family to the big family. Here we brought you the exciting Fit Stars Campaign at the beginning of 2021!

With the Fit Stars Campaign, all #madeinFF athletes can now earn Fit Stars and unlock exciting perks!

Can you reach the highest tier?!

Up to 20% discount perks will be granted to those who reach Tier 3. The discount perk can be applied while renewing membership or purchasing some specified merchandise.* Attractive enough to start grinding now?!

Earn Fit Stars like 1,2,3…

Accumulate Fit Stars from the daily WODs by setting new PRs, or even earn more by having progression with body composition analysis using the InBody machine. Not to forget about our most loyal supporters, abundant of Fit Stars will be rewarded for being a referral. 

To make it even more fun, we do have some hidden quest/task that will reward you some handy Fit Stars! Want to know more about this? Just stay with us, always……


Talk to the team if you have any question regarding this campaign.

See you in box and happy stars grinding!


*Terms & conditions applied.

Fit Factory reserve the right to modify the campaign with or without any prior notice.

All fit stars accumulated will only be valid for 1 year and will be counted as expired after the duration.

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