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Initially we all start with trying to lose weight, hoping we’d look good (both naked and clothed wink). Then we realise its not all about the numbers on the scale, its about having a healthy, functional body that would serve us for years and years to come – and that is what CrossFit is about. Looking at me now, who would think I was a 90 kg female in the past. CrossFit has helped me understand how my body can work efficiently, work consistently, achieve results, and move in a way I never thought was possible before.

At CrossFit 348, you can expect a supportive and fun community, never again will you have “just another day at the gym” or feel like it’s a chore going to the gym. The coaches are excellent and consistently helps us build up to proper technique, keeping us safe. Amidst this pandemic, CrossFit 348 also has excellent sanitization SOP which gives us a peace of mind. Here, it’s always a step in the right direction – towards being healthy and happy.