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Quality People. Fun. Engaging. Progressive. Supportive. Challenging. Exciting. Strength. Mobility.
These are just some words that come to my mind when I think of CrossFit 348.

I’ve been a member of the CrossFit 348 for about 11months. I absolutely love the little fitness community vibe here, everyone is so lovely and welcoming and encouraging. Coaches here have created such a positive community and their enthusiasm and commitment to their members has enabled me to fulfill so many fitness goals I never thought I’d achieve. As the coaches provides exceptional guidance to ensure I’m consistently improving my technique and challenging myself.

Meanwhile, the coaches are fantastic and push you to your absolute limits. There has been many workouts that I’ve been sure I can’t finish only to be encouraged and supported by my teammates and couch to get the end and then the feeling of accomplishment when I did. A huge thanks to “CrossFit 348” crew for making me feel welcome and encouraging me to step out of my comfort zone.